What some of our students say?

Aamir Ghufran

PPB- Universiti Sains Malaysia Programme

“KTS is one of the best institutes for professional courses. The environment, facilities & a very talented,
friendly & always has been cooperative staff. I learned a lot from them specially

Mr. Jay & Ms. Ananti.”

Noorazlina Binti Rasiman

Diploma in Information System Administration – RPEL

“I am so proud able to finish my study at Kolej Teknologi Suria (KTS) under the HRDF-RPEL Upskilling

program. Thanks for leading me until I succeed”

Reyna Rachael Robert

Diploma in Business Studies – IAAP UK Programme

“Learning in KTS is a great experience. The lecturers are very friendly. I have learned so many
things such as leadership. KTS have enriched me with the necessary skills needed to input in

my father’s business”

Mohd Zulhilmi bin Zainuddin

Pelukisan Pelan Mekanikal SKM Level 3

“Kolej Teknologi Suria telah banyak membantu saya dalam pembelajaran “Pelukisan Pelan
Mekanikal”. Saya juga mendapat ilmu tambahan selain ilmu mata pembelajaran yang diambil.”

Priya Darshini Guru Naidu

Diploma in Information System Administration

“KTS helped me to gain my confidence level n Leadership skills. I would like to thank KTS
Lecturers in trusting me n till I am able to gain my confidence level and now I am able to apply

my knowledge at workplace”

Vimala Marikakam

Diploma in Business Management
Degree in Psychology, Master’s in Business & Education

“This college was the starting point for my quest for learning. I started with UBS Accounting followed by
Diploma in Business Management. Since then I never stopped learning. Now, I’m proud to have
completed double Masters, in Business and Education. I strongly recommend this college for your career


Fatimah Binti Idris

Pelukisan Pelan Mekanikal SKM Level 3 (Program JPK)

“Di kolej juga sy dapat bertemu dengan rakan- rakan pelbagai bangsa. Berlainan bangsa dan budaya
membuatkan kita belajar sesuatu yang baru dalam kehidupan seharian dan cara yang sangat berlainan

dari kebiasaan membuat kita teruja”

Jimmy Wong

Thi college is very professional . The team has always been friendly, helpful and available from the
support staff to the tutor , I highly recommend to KTS to anyone . Thanks

Lonni Tah Mong

PPB- Universiti Sains Malaysia Programme

Thank you so much for accommodating us for the special evening classes. I appreciate the knowledge

you teach us..

What our Corporate Clients Say?

Norliyana Ahmad, BP MPAK Sdn.Bhd
Business English @ work

“Learned new knowledge about English language”
Murni Aliza Binti M.Yusuf, BP MPAK Sdn.Bhd
Business English @ work

“The training environment was good. The trainer was very polite and friendly”
Mohd Nazrul Izwan Bin Zait, Fastenal Malaysia Sdn.Bhd.
Chemical safety and spillage control

“The trainer able to explain in depth about the content which able me to understand better about

chemical safety”

Sitti Nur Hikmah Binti Roslan, Fastenal Malaysia,

Advance Supervisory Skills

“I received very good input and effective, this will be helped me with my job” –

Marina Binti Abdullah, Sincere Spectra,
Advance Supervisory Skills

“Enjoyed the sharing session and I able to learn about decision making”

P. Mouttoucoumarane, Cascadian Asphlat Industries Sdn.Bhd.

Forklift Safety

“I learned a lot about forklift driving during this training”
Navin Krishnan, IOI Pan Century Oleochemicals Sdn. Bhd.

Advance Supervisory Skills

“I have learned about leadership & communication. The trainer able to deliver his knowledge well”