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Karate for Self Defence Workshop for all SKM/DKM Students

Recently a Karate workshop for all our students was successfully conducted on 9/10/2015 @ 2.00PM by Master Varan and his trainees at our college. Master Varan demonsrated some simple techniques how we can defend ourselves during emergency. All students greatly benefitted from this half day workshop. The management takes this opportunity to thank Master Varan and his Team for his heat contribution. Regards ~ Admin


Sambutan Hari Kemerdekaan ke-58

Kami di Kolej Akademi Suria tetap "Sehati, sejiwa". Begitulah kemeriahan pada hari ini semasa sambutan Hari Kemerdekaan di Kolej akademi Suria. Syabas! kepada pelajar tahap 2 yang telah menganjurkan program hari ini. ~ Admin


Grand Opening Ceremony & Certification Presentation by YB Vidyananthan

Grand Opening Ceremony & Certification Presentation for UPEN sponsored students was held at Akademi Suria on 9th May 2015 @ 9.00AM. The event was officiated by State EXCO for Unity & Human Resource YB R.Vidyananthan. Parents of students and well wishers of the college visited to grace the occasion.


UPEN Student Farewell

State government sponsored (UPEN) students recently completed their six (6) months training in Office Administration. This is a certificate course which is fully funded by Johor state government with monthly allowance for the students. The party turned out awesomely well with participation from both junior and senior students. Multi-cultural performances added flavour to the theme. Kudos to the organising Team led by Ms. Ewa and the rest of the teachers. Akademi Suria wishing all our students a great success in their life. Leggy-leggy Sanonara! ~Admin


Jom English Workshop Dec 2014

A 51/2 day English workshop was held at Kolej Akademi Suria from 15th ~ 20th December 2014 @ RM450.00. There were eight participants who enrolled in the English Workshop programme. The main focus was gaining confidence speaking in front of audience. All students learned the art of effective communication especially Public Speaking and Presentation skills. Parents who witnessed their children's final presentation shocked to see the transformation in their children. Best speakers were Rooban & Qistina who walked away with valuable gifts and awards. All students received certificate of attendance. The management of Kolej Akademi Suria takes this opportunity to thank everyone especially parents for their commitment and looking forward for the next June 2015 session JOM English 2015.


DESCUM Workshop @ UNITEN Bangi

A 5 day DESCUM workshop was held at UNITEN Bangi from 8th to 12th Spetember 2014. This event was organised by CIAST for Vocational teaching personnel at government and private institutions. Our CEO Mr. J. Kannan attended the workshop and explored learned the NOSS development process. All participants received their certificate of participation at the end of the workshop. Akademi Suria would like to thank CIAST and its facilitators for the valuable workshop.


Orientation week ( indoor and outdoor activities for DKM juniors)

An orientation week was held at Kolej Akademi Suria during from 2/06/14 to 10/06/2014. New recruits for Diploma programme joined and had undergone a rigorous sports and recreational activities. The senior students facilitated the orientation week. all the students greatly benefited from this event.


Fire Awareness Workshop 2014 at Pasir Gudang

Fire Safety Awareness Workshop was held at "Balai Bomba Pasir Gudang" on 22nd August 2014 from 10.00AM to 12.30PM. All Dilploma students attended this half day workshop briefing conducted by Tuan Razak followed by practical sessions "how to handle Fire Extinguishers in emergency. Congrats to all students who tried the use of fire extinguishers. The students had lots of fun during the briefing of the functions of the fire engine. You can of course see from the smiling faces during the photo session. Akademi Suria takes this opportunity to thank "Ketua Balai Bomba Pasir Gudang" for the assistance and the knowledge they shared.


CUDBAS Workshop Southern Region - Organised by CIAST

Introductory Course organised by CIAST held at New York Hotel, Johor Bahru 11/8/2014 to 15/8/2014. CUDBAS the acronym for Curriculum Development based on Vocational Ability Structure.


Asia e_University Module 10 Students and Facilitator

Students attending Module 10 - Quality Assurance & Productivity Management Facilitator : Mr. Salauddin


School Holiday Programme - Understanding Your Computer

A School holiday program was held @ Akademi Suria from 25 to 28th March 2013. It was a school holiday well spent for the students from nearby schools. Bravo to all who attended and passed the assessment test. See you all in another programme.


Sessi Dialog Bersama USM-PPB @ Penang

Sessi berjumpa dengan semua IPS yang mengendalikan program kerjasama dengan USM-PPB telah diadakan pada 20/12/2012 di Penang. En. J.Kannan telah menghadiri program selama 2hari untuk mengenali unit USM-PPB.


Karnivel Kerjaya - Kepak 2013 di Pasir Gudang

Karnivel Kerjaya telah diadakan di Pasir Gudang pada 15-17 Mac 2013. Akademi Suria telah menyertai karnivel ini julung kali. Terima kasih kepada para pengunjung yang sudi singgah ke booth kami untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut mengenai kursus-kursus yang disediaakan oleh kami. Laman web kepak:


Holiday Program - PC Maintenance & Repair

Holiday Program - PC Maintenance & Repair Desc


Fire Figting Workshop at Balai Bomba Pasir Gudang

Description - Fire Figting Workshop at Balai Bomba Pasir Gudang


Convocation 2009

Please feel free to have glimpse of snapshots taken during our Year 2009 Convocation. It was held at Tropical Inn Johor Bahru. Graduates received their scrolls for successfully completing; - Diploma in Business Management - Certificate in Office Administration (JPK) Programme.