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Frequantly Asked Questions

1. What type of educational & training institution is Akademi Suria Sdn.Bhd?

Akademi Suria Sdn.Bhd is a professional development center. It is registered under human resource ministry via JPK and PSMB.

2. What are registered programs under JPK/MLVK?

We are an accredited training center under Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK) with a center number L02340. We are licensed to conduct Certificate course IT-080-2/3. Students can continue to diploma level after level 3.

3. What is the duration for JPK Diploma program?

JPK Diploma in Information Systems can be completed in 2 Years and 6 Months. This is a full time diploma.

 4. Do you have branches in other states?

No. We don’t have any branches.

5. Do you provide scholarships?

Yes. We provide RM6,000.00 for each student enrolled in JPK Diploma program.

6. Is your academy registered under Ministry of Education?

No. We don’t require registering under Education Ministry as we are not an academic center. We are a Skill based learning center. We are only registered under Human Resource Ministry.

7. What is your business hour?

Our operation hours are as below :

Monday to Friday :

9.00AM to 10.00PM

Saturday :

9.00AM to 6.00PM

Sunday :


8. Can I register for courses anytime?

Our short courses like USM-ICT programs, Communicative English, UBS Courses are open for anytime of the year. Whereas JPK program is open for April Intake. For the Executive Diploma program is opened for registration for April and December Intake.

9. Are your programmes recognized by MQA or JPA ?

All our courses are skill based and professional in nature. Thus they do not require MQA or JPA endorsement. Our courses are endorsed by the respective collaborative bodies.

10. How can I make the payment for my courses?

You can make payments by Cash, Cheque, Credit Cards for most of the programs. For the AeU Executive Diploma programs you can also pay through by EPF or Bank Loan.