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Sage UBS Computerised Payroll

Course Objective

To train students on how to use UBS Payroll System so that they can perform organisation Payroll & HR needs. Since UBS is widely used in the SMI/SME sector it is vital for one to possess this skill.

Who Should Attend?
This course is suitable for school leavers, Working adults, Team leaders, Supervisors, Anyone interested to acquire knowledge in Payroll and HR related subject.
Course Contents
  • Enter Company profile & Accounting Year.
  • Setting allowance & deduction policies.
  • Creating overtime, KWSP and PERKESO policies.
  • Search, edit & delete personnel file.
  • Enter pay information for personnel.
  • enter bonus information.
  • View, print payslips and payroll reports.
  • Understanding manual pay calculation.
  • Month end processing and move forward.
  • Backup and restore database.
Learning Out Come

At the end of the course you will be able to;

  • Understand and create computerised payroll system for organisation.
  • Create multi company features, insert, edit, modify payroll records.
  • Learn to generate personnel records, payslip, KWSP, PERKESO and PCB reports.
  • Backup & restore database.
Entry Requirement
  • Basic knowledge in computer usage and Microsoft Windows.
  • Basic literacy level (Must be able to read & write).
  • Interest in learning Payroll and HR related subjects.
Course Duration
Maximum 8 Hours
Course Fee

RM 899.00 Only* (Course fee subject to change without prior notice)